The Zombie rig from "Hotel Transylvania" is being made available to you for FREE!!!
This looks like so much fun!!
Enjoy the sneak peak...


Firefall is the video game I've been working on for almost 3 years and today July 29th 2014 we have gone LIVE!!!!

Firefall is a dynamic, open-world MMO shooter with limitless exploration of a vast future Earth, rewarding skilled players as they progress through a deep story.  Players will be able to customize their character in a living world that constantly offers new challenges.

Fighting for a world forever changed by the Melding, Firefall players customize their battleframes and weaponry, taking the fight to the Chosen to reclaim Earth.  With team-based and on-demand quests, Firefall is the first MMO to feature truly dynamic events that appear throughout the game world, offering players new experiences every time they play.

Here are some videos that I think are pretty AWESOME!!!!

Links to get Firefall the GAME:


Blur Studio is an award-winning visual effect, animation and design studio located in Culver City, California.  It's produces 3D character animation, motion design and visual effect for feature films, television and game cinematics.

This is their latest animation and special effects reel. It's stunning, gorgeous and inspiring, enjoy!!!

12 Principles of Animation...

Came across this fantastic video demonstrating the 12 Principles of Animation by

Cento Lodigiani

Disney Animation: The Illusion of Life is a book by Ollie Johnston & Frank Thomas, tow of the animation masters at Disney during the Golden Age of animation, referred by Walt Disney as his "Nine Old Men".

12 Principles of Animation, gif
12 Principles of Animation, Video

I thought this was fantastic, entertaining, educational and fun to watch, Despicable Me 2, Brilliant!!!

Behind the Magic "Pacific Rim"

For over two years the team at Industrial Light & Magic in San francisco, Singapore 
and Vancouver worked tirelessly to bring Guillermo Del Toro's 
science fiction epic "Pacific Rim" to life.