Animation Links:

Frame By Frame
This blog posts clips from various films for study and appreciation.  
They post images so that each frame can be looked at individually, 
as well as in the context of the full shot.

Deja View
A Walt Disney Studio's animator with 30 plus years of experience.  
Andreas Deja's creations include the Disney villians Gaston from Beauty and the Beast
Jafar from Aladdin & Scar from Lion King.  This is a link to his blog

Jason Ryan
Previously a supervising animator (12 years) at Walt Disney Feature Animation, 
now a supervising animator at Dreamworks Animation Studios.  
An amazing talent and teacher enjoy his blog...

Cameron Fielding is currently an animator at PDI/Dreamworks
his blog is full of amazing stuff, have at it and enjoy.

Dailymation is a short, sketchy, rough and fun animation, more about mass and 
movement and less about fine, clean animation.

Spa Studios

The Art of Glen Keane
Glen Keane's animation transcends the medium and takes things to a level
that few have ever reached.  He does work that is completely original and has
a different perspective than that of most animators.  Check out his blog...

Spline Doctors
A collection of some of the industry's finest animator's (Pixar) who discuss tips & tricks.

Keith Lango
A great site for tips & tutorials from one of the industry's finest.

Living Lines Library
A site that is filled with enthusiasm for animation and if you are searching
for inspiration this is a great place to start.

The 11 Second Club
A monthly character animation competition open to everyone!!

Carlos Baena
A Pixar Animator with amazing talent, this is his site with lot's of
tips, advice and really cool stuff...  Enjoy.

Josh Burton
Grab his FREE rig Morpheus, very cool!!

Brendan Body's Blog
A great resource for animation for tips tricks advice and such have at it....

Animator's Resource
If you love animation then this site needs to be on your list...

Victor Navone is a Pixar animator who has great advice, tutorials and tons of information.
His blog is just amazing and a great resource.

Resource Links:

2D Software Pencil (Free)

2D Software, Plastic Animation Paper (PAP, Free)

Plastic Animation Paper (PAP) Tutorial

2D Software (Free)

Traditional Animation Supplies

Traditional Animation Supplies

Sound Bites

Sound Bites

Figure Drawing

Figure Drawing

Figure Drawing

Figure Drawing