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Oil and Acrylic on Canvas
36" X 25"

Not only was Louis Armstrong a great jazz trumpeter, he was also a bandleader,
singer, soloist, film star and comedian and for me a great subject to paint and be inspired by...

"There is two kinds of music, the good, and the bad.  I play the good kind."   Louis Armstrong

"Wedding In Tuscany"
Oil & Acrylic on Canvas
23" X 34"

This is one of my favorite pieces for a number of reasons...
I love Italy and it's for my sister.
With The Duomo in Florence as the backdrop,
I literally made up as I went along...  Sometime you get lucky!!

Oil and Acrylic on Canvas
 46" X 25"

Because I am such a big baseball fan I couldn't resist painting
Vladimir Guerrero 2004 MVP

44" X 36
Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

If you have ever been to a San Diego Chargers game and watched LT run and play the
game of football you know why I had to paint this once in a lifetime football player.  Ladainian
Tomlinson one of the greatest to ever play the game!!

Oil and Acrylic on Canvas
23" X 34"

 "The Stretch"
42" X 24"
Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

Horses have always been a passion of mine and what better subject
to paint than the last leg, "The Stetch" of a horse race.

"The Pitch"
Oil and Acrylic on Canvas
32" X 34"

Baseball is a passion of mine...  All I need is a reason and I will paint.

"The Big Unit"
Oil and Acrylic on Canvas
26" X 48"

The Yankees finally acquire Randy "The Big Unit" Johnson from the Arizona Diamondbacks 
in 2005.  I am a Yankee fan so naturally I was inspired to paint.

Oil and Acrylic on Canvas
42" X 28"

Inspired by the Tour De France and the incredible "Sprint" to the finish.

The Rocket
Oil and Acrylic On Canvas
25" X 48"

While he played for the rival Boston Red Sox's, Roger Clemens finally made it into
a Yankee uniform in 1999...  Ending any reason's not to paint him.
Arguably one of the greatest pitchers in Major League Baseball history.  

"Play at the Plate"
42" X 34"
Oil andAcrylic on Canvas

Inspired by the greatest game on earth, Baseball!!
When they start the game, they don't yell, "Work ball."  They say, "Play ball."
                                                                                                         ~Willie Stargell, 1981

Oil and Acrylic on Canvas
31" X 36"

I was finishing up school and getting ready for the "real" world...
This is an introspective piece, it is about seizing the opportunities & over coming
any obstacles that may get in the way. 

Oil and Acrylic on Canvas
44" X 30"

Before he was number 24 Kobe Bryant wore number 8.
Considered to be one of the most dynamic, electrifying & dominant basketball
players of all time.  What more inspiration would I need...

Oil and Acrylic on Canvas
29" X 38"

While studying Caravaggio, I was inspired to create this piece.  While the subject matter
is important it was more about the idea of painting light into the darkness.
This is called Matador...

Oil and Acrylic on Canvas
52" X 26"

If your looking for inspiration, no need to look any further than Lance Armstrong.
After reading his book "It's Not About the Bike" I could not help myself,
this painting is simply titled "Lance".

Oil and Acrylic on Canvas
29" X 42"

If you have ever seen Jason Kidd play ball, you will immediately
understand why I was inspired to paint this extraordinary athlete.  At the free
throw line Jason blows a kiss to his wife and kids to let them know he is thinking
about them.  It's part of his routine so he does it every time.

"#19 Cowboys"
Oil and Acrylic on Canvas
41" X 28"

This was a commission piece that I was asked to do for a client who is a big Cowboys fan.
It was a tough piece to do because I'm NOT a fan of the Cowboys!!!  
How about those Cowboys!!

Oil and Acrylic on Canvas
39" X 30"

“A horse gallops with his lungs, perseveres with his heart and wins with his character.”

"High Jumper"
Oil and Acrylic on Canvas
38" X 40"

The Olympics have always been one of my favorite sporting events.
Mostly because we get introduced to new athletes who are spectacular in
there sport but hardly known.

"Golf 101"
Oil and Acrylic on Canvas
23" X 33"

Golf has always been an interest of mine and I even play form time to time although
I am not very good.  But when Tiger Woods came onto the scene and captivated the
world how could you not be a fan.  I title this piece "Golf 101"

Oil and Acrylic on Canvas
42" X 32"
This painting was inspired after reading Pat Croce's book "I Feel Great & You Will Too"
The former President of the 76ers inspired this piece call "Generations".

"Game Over"
Oil and Acrylic on Canvas
45" X 29"

2003's Cy Young award winner...  If you ever saw him pitch at Dodger Stadium then you
would understand just how unbelievable he was when he stepped out on the mound.

Down The...
Oil and Acrylic on Canvas
35" X 40"

My love of this beautiful animal keeps me going back to paint them
over and over.  
"You know horses are smarter than people.  You never heard of a
horse going broke betting on people"  -Will Rogers

"Side Out"
Oil and Acrylic on Canvas
44" X 31"

After going to the AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tournament in Southern California, I could
resist the tempation of trying to capture the action.  Here is what I came up with...

Oil and Acrylic on Canvas
42" X 38"

This piece was created for my sister one of the strongest,
bravest & most courageous woman I know.

"BB King"
Oil and Acrylic on Canvas
44" X 28"

Last minute I was invited to go see the legendary BB King & Lucille in concert.  His guitar is named

Lucille because two men were fighting over this woman in a night club and started a fire.  After the mass exit,
BB realized he forgot his guitar so he went back into the burning building to save it.  He then named his guitar
Lucille, after that woman the men were fighting over to remind himself never to do anything that stupid again.
To this day Mr. King has never met the woman, true story...

"All About The Air"
Oil and Acrylic on Canvas
20" X 30"

I was home flipping channels on the television and came across the "X Games". 
I was blown away by what I saw and became instantly inspired.  

"I consider skateboarding an art form, a lifestyle and a sport.  'Action sport' would 
be the least offensive categorization."    Tony Hawk

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