Painting Process, step by step...

The Under Painting...

Cobalt Blue is one of my favorite colors so I decided to paint the whole canvas this beautiful color.  Usually I go with a lot more colors in the underpainting but for this particular piece I had a clearer vision of what I wanted.  Usually I make it up as I go along, allowing the painting itself to almost dictate what happens next.

Defining the Focal Points

In this painting I knew I wanted to focus on the face, saxophone and hands so I established these areas with warmer colors and in the case of the face and hands with hot colors (Cadmium Red).  For me I like to see results fast and painting with a palette knife allows for big, defining strokes.  

Laying in the darks and adding more color to the areas of interest trying to chisel and/or construct the facial features and define the saxophone and hands.  While I do this I try not to forget about the background.  For me the background is vitally important and in many of my painting it defines the subject matter.

Adding in the Details

At this stage its time to really start detailing the saxophone facial features and hands while at the same time paying more attention to the jacket and background.  If I remember correctly I did not like the top left corner, I knew i might change that before I called this one done.


I've found similar colors of the same value to splash in, as well as defined all the areas I'm interested in or would like the audience to pay more attention too.  Lastly I sign or put my name on it calling it done!!!

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